Free Commercial Roof Inspection

Free Commercial Roof Inspection

 Annual Commercial Roof Inspection

Did you know that you should inspect your roof annually?

The reason for this is, a small problem can turn into a big one in a hurry. And there are multiple things that can go wrong on a low slope or flat roof!

As you see in the photo below, rain gutters can jam up causing puddles to form on your roof. Or small cracks can form which will quickly turn into larger cracks, allowing water to seep into the structure. All this puts a strain on the integrity of the roof itself and in the long run will compromise the complete structure if not found and addressed in a timely manner!

In this photo you can see the importance of commercial roof inspection.

Question #1 

One question you might be asking is "How much is this going to cost me"? 

As I mentioned before, we offer FREE commercial roof inspections. So give us a shout and we will schedule a time to come out and inspect your commercial roof for free! (814) 483-4810

Question #2

What is a roof inspection and how long will it take?

A roof inspection is when an expert in roofing, insulation, mold, and anything else your roof requires to see if it is in tip top shape.

A roof inspection could take 45 minutes to a few hours. The condition of the roof will affect how long an inspection takes. An almost new roof will probably not take as long to inspect as an aged roof that needs attention in the near future. Fortunately for you, we are not charging you for this service.

Question #3

What happens with what we find in the inspection?

Ultimately it will depend on what we find when we get on your roof. If we find no problems we will share that with you. 

But if we find leaks or other issues, we will offer you our services to do anything from simple roof maintenance, or a more complex repair, to a complete roof restoration or replacement. Whatever is needed in your situation.

 Tristate Roof Coatings LLC

Tristate is a family owned and operated business and that specializes in customer satisfaction, on time job completion, and staying within the existing quote. Contact Tristate Roof Coatings LLC for all your commercial roofing needs.

 Tristate Roof Coatings LLC has partnered with Conklin to bring the states of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana the famous Conklin roof coatings. What are the Conklin roof coatings you may ask? Well #1 they are scientifically called acrylic roof coatings, when applied to a roof they reflect about 80% of the sun's rays and save about 40% on you utility expenses. 

 Tristate Roof coatings serves a large area including Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, I will also list some cities in the specific states. But click here to see their whole service area.

 Ohio - Cleveland, Toledo, Youngstown, Steubenville, Marietta, Montpelier, and surrounding areas.

 Kentucky - Paducah, New Concord, Westmoreland, Williamsburg, Williamstown, and surrounding area.

 Indiana - Fort Wayne, Elkhart, Lafayette, Terre Haute, Evansville, and surrounding area.

 FREE Roof Inspections

 If you have read anything before this you will know that we do free roof inspections. I will make a list of the events that take place when we  inspect your roof.

 1. The first thing we will do is inspect your roof for leaks and cracks

 2. Next we will travel inside your building and look at the substrate of your roof.

 3. Now it is time to look for water damage.

 4. The final step is for us to tell you what we found. And to make a recommendation to you about what we think should be done.

 Non Pro-rated Warranties

 When it comes to customer satisfaction Tristate Roofing Solutions LLC is the best in the business, and as such they provide one of the best warranties money can buy it is called a non pro-rated warranty.

 "What is a non pro-rated warranty" you may ask? A non-pro-rated warranty is a warranty that does not loose its value over time, which means that all of the issues will be covered at all times within the warranty period. This type of warranty is a rare one in the commercial roofing industry.

 Another great plus is if the building owner decides to sell the building the warranty will transfer over to the new owner so the new guy can enjoy all the benefits of a roofing system he didn't even pay for! Now I don't know about you but I have never heard of a warranty like that before.

Our Commercial Roofing Systems


 The single-ply roofing system is the strongest of the five roofing systems. During the installation process the membrane rolls are unrolled and welded together to form an  exceptionally durable lightweight membrane that will last for many years to come. This roofing system is so strong it has been known to withstand 140 mph winds and baseball size hail.

single ply 4

Fabric Reinforced

 The fabric reinforced roofing system is a strong yet lightweight membrane that resists splitting and rupturing. This roofing system also substantially increases the energy efficiency of the building by reflecting a majority of the sun's harmful rays. The fabric reinforced system can also be applied to many different substrates which is great in the commercial roofing game because it give the contractors many different choices. 

fabric reinforced 1

Metal Roof Restoration

 Before you go through the hassle of tearing off your roof and starting again check if your roof can be brought back with the conklin metal restoration system. The Conklin Metal Restoration system was designed to provide extra protection where the leaks occur the most, at the seams. during the restoration each problem area is systematically addressed repaired and resealed. We hope you choose the metal restoration system.

rsz commmetalroof3 1

Membrane Restoration

 Conklin's membrane roofing system is a much better choice instead of tearing off and re-roofing because if you go with the membrane roofing system you do not have any trash to haul to the landfill. The membrane roofing system is a complete waterproofing system it stops dirt build up and resists splitting and rupturing.

thermoset membrane roofing ct 4

Spray Foam

 The great thing about a spray foam roof is that it doubles as an insulating system, so if you are constantly having to pay overprice bills in the summer and in the winter the spray foam system is the one for you because of its reflecting abilities it will reflect the sun's rays and because of its insulation abilities it will keep you warm in the winter.

Commercial Roofing Sprayed Polyurethane Foam

 You did it congratulations you made it to the end of the post. If you were interested in anything you read and want some more information on it please call us at (814) 483-4810 and we will do their best to answer your questions.

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